Our Story


Committed to Craft, Rooted in the Abu Dhabi

The spark that would become Blacksmith was struck near Washington Square Park in Manhattan, where a freshman from New York University Abu Dhabi first encountered specialty coffee. While he traveled the world, he found that when treated with care, precision, and creativity, coffee was truly a craft.

On his return to Abu Dhabi, he quickly formed a student club at NYUAD to roast and serve coffee. His passion grew - and as he finished his undergraduate studies that love of coffee and the hospitality he learned while serving it to his fellow students needed a new outlet. 

Through a mutual friend, he had the good fortune to form a team with two equally passionate Emirati partners. As a team, the began to build Blacksmith from a club and a project into Blacksmith Coffee Company. Their wide skill set and deep care for making the best coffee they could for Abu Dhabi drove them to where they are today. 

The Blacksmith team continued to expand. With the best talent available, the coffee we roast and serve today stands as a testament to what a commitment to craft can produce. From sourcing and roasting, to brewing and serving, Blacksmith has created something truly unique and special in Abu Dhabi. 

We hope you stop in to enjoy our coffee with us.